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Industry groups urge Congress to renew tax breaks

More than 500 industry groups have urged Congress to renew dozens of expired tax breaks, including the R&D credit, breaks for charitable giving, incentives for business expenses and deductions for local and state sales taxes. Failing to bring back these incentives would be the same…

EU finds increase in trade protectionism

The European Commission has identified 170 additional protectionist measures imposed on products and services exported from the EU. China, India, Indonesia and Russia account for the most measures. EUObserver (Brussels) (18 Nov.)

BoJ says economy is recovering despite recession

Despite a drop in gross domestic product that officially put Japan into a recession, the Bank of Japan stuck to its optimistic economic outlook and said the recovery is proceeding. The central bank said inflation expectations appear to be rising. Policy board members voted 8-1…

FINRA survey: Investors willing to pay for protection

About 90% of investors want a “cop on the beat,” according to a survey by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Support for more regulatory protection comes in at 74%. Investors are willing to pay higher brokerage costs for protection, the survey says. InvestmentNews (free registration)…

Central bankers acknowledge downside of low rates

Six years of low interest rates have had worrisome consequences, including sparing governments from fixing their economies, hurting savers and increasing volatility, traders and central bankers say. Despite that, the world needs interest rates to remain flat, they say. Bloomberg (07 Nov.)